Saturday, March 04, 2006


This is some funny shit... A UK drug dealer who is most likely the stupidest/most gutless person I have come across in a long time. Also check out the cop pepper spraying the other cop.

VIDEO: Help Me Neil!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Drinking Game For Fackwits

I don't know about you guys, but I hate fratboys. We have similar fools here is Australia, but the USA seems to have a certain type of college guy asshole.

You know the type, usually jocks, who love disrespecting women, minorities or anyone who isn't 'cool'. Oh yeah they usually are rich fackers, who are only in college because daddy made them go or they would be written out of the will.

The favorite sport of fratboys (apart from being beaten up by gangs of minorities) seems to be drinking games of various types.

Finally I found a fratboy drinking game we can all enjoy:

Monday, February 27, 2006


FOR FACKS SAKE is 1 month old in an hour or so, in my neck of the woods anyway. Let me take this opportunity to show my appreciation to our readers and commentators. To all of you, thanks a lot for taking time to check out my bullshit. Thanks also to Nuggy Glazer.

To the people who don't like the page, get the guts to post some abuse, you weak pus-sucking lumps of shit. Oh and don't forget to go fack yourself as well!

CRAZY FACKER: Viacheslav Datsik

So you think you're a crazy facker huh? You train-surf, you inhale spraypaint, you speed in your daddies' car. You aint nothing bitch. You need to stare into the eyes of madness, and here he is! Viacheslav Datsik.

Good old Datsik (that's his real name, by the way) is a retired (or dead) cagefighter/kickboxer from Ukraine. This guy is an absolute retard who would most likely not be allowed to walk the streets in most countries, let alone fight.

Don't get me wrong, he isn't a tomato can, like poor old Kanehara below, who actually tries to win. Viacheslav doesn't give a fack about winning, he just comes to the ring to freak everyone out.

We are talking about a man who once said "I want to fight and die in the ring".
Datsik was known for his crazy Mortal Kombat style kicks and fighting stance. He was also known for not listening to referees, and had to be restrained by them more than once.

Believe it or not, this guy actually has a win over the current UFC heavyweight champ.

Even though it's not that cool to laugh at the mentally challenged, it sure is funny.

Check him out in action: (warning: there is some blood in this video)