Thursday, May 25, 2006


Ever wonder what happened to those geeks at school who used to be obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons? Well wonder no longer...

Welcome to the world of LARPs (live action role playing)

It seems to be a camp mixture of skirmish and the stick wars we used to have when we were kids (children didn't sue or call the cops in my day).

I guess with the right people, costumes and drugs/alcohol this might be fun.

Personally, I'd like to be that Ogre dude and run straight over to that fat facker in the netball skirt and knee him in the cock.

Check these dudes out, they have bad costumes but their playground ROCKS!!

Get all your gnarly foam weapons here! (actually some pretty cool shit-very talented craftspersons)

At least these guys over here have some costume/props making talent.

Still nerds tho.


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