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This stunning piece of engineering is the Vektor H5 police rifle that was manufactured in Bloemfontein, South Africa. It is an adaptation of an Israeli .223 semi-automatic rifle.

"Why are you writing about a semi-auto, Frankie?", I hear you ask, "You live in Australia, no semis for you!". Well my friends, this Rifle is not a semi-automatic, it's a pump action!

Of course anyone owning one of these in Australia would have to stick to a magazine with a capacity of 10 rounds or less (the one pictured is 30 rounds and would be quite illegal).

The Vektor H5 is based on the South African Galil pattern assault rifle, it was produced after semi automatic rifles were banned in S.A.
There are some key differences between the Galil and the H5. The most noticeable is of course the pump action mechanism on the weapon itself.
Unlike many commonly produced rifles today, the H5 is a pump action rifle which loads a new round into the chamber when the action is pumped. It came with a fixed paratrooper stock or a thumbhole stock and standard 5 and 12 round box magazines with each new rifle.

The H5 was available with a wooden stock & Pump as well as folding stock & Plastic pump. It has no Iron sights and was fitted with a trijicon 4x32 scope, and came in two Barrel lengths, 18 & 24 inch.

Let me just say that I don't wish to aquire one of these babies, for the following reasons: I don't want any 'military' looking rifles, apart from my old WW1 era bolt actions. I think modern military looking firearms just invite criticism. Another reason is that I could not afford the $4000+ price tag one of these rare babies would demand, even if one was available in the first place. Not many were made, and even fewer were exported to places like the USA and Australia.

But I must admit, it would certainly be fun to spend an afternoon putting a few boxes of ammo through one of these suckers at the range!


Blogger Andries said...

I found this thread by a lucky accident. I own a H5. It is a great gun and a fun toy all in one!!! I have had more fun with that gun than anyone is entitled to. It has shot it's fair share of animals and pests. On the range I have put more that 6500 rounds through it with zero problems. For info please contact me at: hunt@vanwijksafaris.com

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Blogger spiritextreme said...

I have a firearm that belongs to a friend that I am trying to identify. The only markings it has is markings on the top that says 1944 H5 7 75 0. His Grandfather brought it from Europe and he was told it was a Browning automatic submachine gun. It has a wooden stock and a very large cooling barrel around the barrel that the bullet comes out of any ideas on what it might be.

8:59 PM  
Blogger Baba John said...

Hope you don't mind, copied and pasted your blog for my FB page.

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Blogger Unknown said...

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